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A sufficient amount of windows is a beautiful way of bringing the outdoors into the rather gloomy indoors. Sunrooms are a wall-to-wall window that allows the maximum amount of windows in the house. These additions are warm and inviting because you can customize them with plants, custom décor, and all kinds of architecture to make space a sensual enjoyment. The following is an intensive summary of Calgary sunrooms to have an idea of how they will benefit you.

Frequently asked questions about Calgary sunrooms.

Can you use the sunroom in all seasons?

The sunroom offers all kinds of benefits intended for different kinds of seasons. Many people use them throughout the year, while others choose specific sunrooms for specific seasons, such as winter. Both types have notable options to allow different temperatures and humidity levels, so you have an enjoyable chill spot at any time.

  • Three-season sunrooms – These sunrooms have a distinct atmosphere that allows as much light as possible but cannot regulate the temperature. They usually have a floor-to-ceiling window, which means we have to build them on the installation site.
  • Four-season sunrooms – These sunrooms have a heating and cooling feature, hence are excellent for use at any time of the year. The windows are not as tall as the windows because we use the wall to install HVAC ducts. We construct these units in compliance with the energy regulations and include specific features like multi-panes to improve insulation. How much does it cost to build a sunroom in Calgary? The four-season sunroom will always cost more than the three-season sunroom.

Is the sunroom worth the money?

  • Additional dining or living space
  • How much does a sunroom add to home value? You can get a higher home value of up to a couple of thousands.
  • You can decorate the space with versatile features like a home gym, office, or family room.
  • It is an excellent space to plant and enjoy plenty of outdoor plants

What should you know about installing Calgary sunrooms?

  • The sunroom may attract higher but manageable property taxes. The value of the taxes depends on the size of the sunroom; hence you should consult our team or a property expert to get the correct numbers.
  • The four-season sunroom will have high utility bills due to the extra cooling and heating needs.
  • It is helpful to consider your privacy concerns because the sunroom has plenty of windows with complete transparency.
  • The three-season sunroom is potentially hot during summer; hence you could benefit from installing removable glass panes to better air circulation.

Are there specific ways you can decorate the sunroom?

  • Wall to wall window sunrooms does not need much decoration because the glass is already an attraction. However, you can add a personal touch with many different features to personalize the space and make it more comfortable. Here are a couple of ideas that work perfectly with our Calgary sunrooms.
  • Soften the floor with wooden floors, a swimming pool, rugs, or grass-like mats
  • Our sunroom walls do not need shades or curtains because they have a darker exterior look for privacy from onlookers.
  • The sunroom is most enjoyable with minimal and light furniture décor, reflecting light and allowing a bright, atmospheric hue.

How much does a sunroom kit cost? Schedule a free consultation when you are ready by calling 403-251-7353 and view the online store for more details.


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