Important Things to Know About Patios and Sunroom

Sunrooms and patios, given that they are extremely different, are both outstanding ways of expanding and enhancing your living space. They help you in taking full advantage of the magnificence and peace of the outdoors. Expanding, constructing from scratch, or remodeling a sunroom or patio is a tremendous project; however, many common missteps can hinder the process. Apart from costing time and funds, these blunders can also render your outdoor space more problematic than enjoyable.

Fortunately, these oversights are easy to prevent and in this article, we will talk about some of the most widespread ones, and ways to ensure you steer clear of them.

Patios and Sunrooms-A Quick Glance

Before diving into the mistakes and best ways of executing these projects, it is important to give you a quick brief about these two things.

Sunrooms, also frequently known as enclosed or three-season porches, are structures created onto the home.  Usually, they are in the front, however, you can situate yours anywhere you think the view is best. A sunroom is merely a semi-outdoor room; all its sides are enclosed but not entirely insulated like the remainder of the house. Massive windows enable homeowners to enjoy the benefits of natural light and heat.

Patios, traditionally, are outdoor living areas. They are commonly established outside a side or back door and incorporate concrete slab floors and some decorations. Patios can be made simple or extravagant as it solely depends on your style.  Many homeowners use this living space as a completely furnished room for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. Patios are not enclosed, but you can utilize trellis fencing or awnings to build an overhead shelter.

The Mistakes

Now that we talked about sunrooms and patios, it is time to dive into the common yet deadly mistakes that can destroy these projects and make things tough for you. Therefore, read on to find out what these mistakes are and how you can make sure to avoid them.

Sunroom Mistakes

Some mistakes are so widespread in the sunroom construction and decor that designers and builders are always expecting them when they are contacted for some repairs. However, to avoid these expensive and unsightly issues, you need to follow some common-sense approaches and evaluate your decisions very carefully.

1.      Weather Negligence

A sunroom is supposed to be an outdoor living space so you have to consider your climate before deciding upon building it. If you reside in a region that encounters incredibly cold winters, you might want to consider insulating the sunroom partially if not fully. This allows your household to enjoy it for a good part of the year. Similarly, sunrooms in a particularly humid and hot climate can benefit extensively from operational windows. Many warm-climate homeowners also install some kind of cooling system as a component of their property’s cooling or as a separate air conditioner or opt for large fans. No matter what your budget or climate is, always be mindful that your sunroom is a huge investment, so never let the weather stop you from fully enjoying your space.

2.      Bad Furnishing Choices

As your brand new sunroom becomes a part of your house, naturally, you will wish to decorate it properly. Nonetheless, be cautious to deflect from making the common errors of utilizing inappropriate furniture and ground coverings. Sunrooms are enclosed, but many retain massive windows, sometimes floor-to-ceiling ones, which enable brilliant sunlight to flow inside. Sunlight fades whatever it touches over time. Many homeowners beautifully decorate sunrooms with costly and luxurious furniture, only to end up having that elegant upholstery fade and destroyed after some years. A similar principle pertains to floor coverings.

Preventing this mistake is rather simple and easy. For those wanting to utilize indoor furniture, they have two options. Either design a region in your sunroom with an abundance of shade and put the furniture there. Alternatively, buy furniture created from particular UV-resistant materials. There is a wide range of designs and colors available. There are unique and creative furniture designs.

Sun resistant ground coverings hold similar importance and are easily available. If you have a hardwood floor, contact the contractor about UV-blocking adhesives and finishes that can filter out the rays causing fading. Carpeting and rugs are also available with a special material that can be used in the bright sun. 

Another option is to utilize outdoor furniture for decorating the sunroom. The market is brimming with beautiful options and there are endless choices in all the styles to fit any kind of decor. From rustic and rugged to pure elegance, there are options for every kind of taste. The best part is, such furnishings come ready to withstand harsh elements.

3.      Not Considering the Home’s Design

When you add a sunroom, particularly to the front side of the house, you have to pay extra attention to your house, it is extremely important, and many people ignore this aspect.  Many homeowners make the blunder of tacking, for instance, a Victorian-style sunroom built onto a Cape Cod home. Therefore, it does not matter how badly you adore the appearance of Victorian-style homes, it is no way to give in to your preferences.

If a sunroom clashes with your house and becomes an eyesore, nothing can be worse for homeowners and the neighborhood, too. It becomes painfully evident and destroys the entire look of the space. So, you must do yourself a solid and obey the design, lines, and architecture of your home and make sure everything goes together. You can always indulge your preferences while decorating the interior.

4.      Uncomfortable Space

In most cases, homeowners build a gorgeous sunroom but go wrong in furnishing it. This does not make much sense, but it transpires more frequently than you might think. What becomes of it? A stunning addition to the home that is going unused and became a waste of money.

Therefore, do not make this outrageous mistake and waste your space but make your sunroom a relaxed, tempting place for spending time. No matter how to furnish it, you must have considerable seating, a convenient table, and any additional items your household utilizes frequently. If you make your space inviting and pleasant, more people will prefer to spend their time there. This will imply the increased value of your space and getting good benefits from your investment.

Creating the perfect sunroom also pertains to appropriately finishing its interior. Sure, it is a semi-outdoor area, but that does not mean you should leave beams and studs exposed as it can have an unattractive impact upon first look. Unless you want a rugged, the cabin feels and that is a lovely style, finish your ceiling and wall just as you would a room.

Patio Mistakes

While constructing the patio, numerous common mistakes frequently prevent homeowners from getting the outdoor space they envisioned. However, much like sunroom mistakes, these mistakes can be avoided easily. You just need to be mindful of a few things and be smart in making decisions.

1.      Scarce Space

A patio should at least measure around ten feet square as this gives sufficient room for a little grill and a regular size outdoor table and chairs. Nonetheless, if you have plans of spending much time on the patio, and if you have a large household, it is strongly advised to go for a larger size.

The whole purpose of a patio is to retain a wonderful space for spending time. If you or the guests feel crowded and cramped, nobody can enjoy a good time, and instead, everyone will be miserable and waiting to leave.  Therefore, think about how frequently you entertain outdoors and then build a patio accordingly.

If your price range does not allow pouring a relatively large concrete base, then remember a patio area can be visually expanded in different manners. Trellis fence articles can develop a gorgeous outdoor space, and vines add to the appeal. This alternative is elegant, classy, but most importantly very economical.

2.      Ignoring the Home and Yard

As explained with sunrooms, the patio’s decor must conform to the house’s decor and the yard’s, too. A patio constructed or decorated differently from its surroundings commonly does not look the best, despite how much you might be in love with the patio design. Therefore, go for a design that complements your yard and house.  For instance, imagine a backyard with a classical landscape and a massive white-marble fountain along with sculpted topiaries. Then, picture a patio, decorated with brilliantly colored blazing torches and emitting a tropical feel.

Does not sound the best, right? Of course, our example is a tad extreme, but it was to give you an idea of how much it can influence the overall look and easily turn into an eyesore. Having the whole property follow a general theme is unarguably the best practice.

3.      Uneven and Unequal Slabs

Incredibly dangerous, infuriating, and hard to repair, unequal concrete slabs are the most common misstep among homeowners who installed a new patio. Wondering how this happens? Well, generally by terrible preparation of underlying materials.

Before pouring the concrete, an expert must ensure the ground is faultlessly level. They might need to dig out particular areas or add filling in others. However, the ultimate surface needs to be even and smooth. If it fails to be, you wound up with slants, dips, and other dangerous and hideous outcomes. Every time you look at them, they remind you of the ultimate failure and disastrous results.

Unfortunately, this blunder is always the consequence of going with an inexperienced laborer. As the concrete slab is the foundation of a patio, never balk from paying extra for experienced and qualified professional services. The extra investment always pays off in the end as you prevent the expense and nuisance of disassembling and hauling the uneven concrete away.


While home additions sound amazing, you must always ensure they suit your life and do not cause misery instead of comfort. Make sure your patio or sunroom fits well with how your family plans to utilize it. Plan for regular use, but do not squander money on adornments or furnishing you will not use or need. Match the home’s general decor or harmonize with it.

Finally, a patio or sunroom is about relishing your home, broadening it, and unwinding outside. As you get the basics down, plan with contentment in mind, and you will never go wrong. 

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