Popular Designs For Sunrooms & Patios

Being the epicenter of everyone’s attention, Sunrooms Calgary add a great deal to the beauty of a home. They convert an otherwise dull and boring living space into an eye-catching element of the home. The warm and pleasant sunlight filtering in through window panes gives the feeling of freshness and proximity to nature.

You should consider having a sun lounge and patio if you don’t have one yet!

And if you can, why not go for a dynamic duo type deal and get a patio too, after all, they’re as good a use of your open space as any.

I will share with you some of the most trending style options for both of these in this article!

How To Design A Trending Sunroom?

Sunrooms come in a variety of designs from simple window paned lounges to luxurious fireplace-equipped living rooms. They may open to your courtyard, deck, or patio.

Aluminum, wood, or bricks usually border the glass panes covering the whole area from the ceiling to the floor. They can be designed according to your budget!

Let’s explore further:

1.      Accessorize & Color-Coordinate Your Room

Add pillows, rugs, curtains, and sofas that go with the overall theme of your house. You can keep a light color base and layer it with bold shades by adding bright paintings, vases, lamps, and so on.

You can cover your sofas with velvet, leather, fur, or any soft material that is comfortable for you.

A hanging bed may prove to be a handy addition.

2.      Equip Your Solarium

Place your refrigerator, PC, or TV, all the stuff you most tend to use during the day, in your solarium.

Equip it with whatever you like.

If you are someone who likes reading, then dedicate a corner to your favorite books. 

3.      Add Some Plants

Nothing can beat nature, try adding some plants and see the difference.

They will get adequate sunlight plus they’ll cover up the corners. If you are someone who has never kept indoor plants, then try buying low maintenance species such as figs and snake plants.

4.      Classical Look

You have the option to go for a classical looking sunroom with wooden furniture and flooring, a blue ceiling, and windows spanning the whole room.

5.      Select The Flooring Carefully

It may not seem like it, but flooring does make a difference.

You can go for wooden, limestone, or brick flooring. You can even add marble if you feel like it or if you have a small budget, you may cover the floor with peel and stick wood patterned sheets.

You can opt for a uniquely designed ceiling as well. Go for different shapes or a slightly slanting ceiling. Attach ceiling fans that add appeal to the overall look of the room.

Think out of the box in this area!

6.      Make Them Suitable For All Seasons

Sunrooms are ideal for those who live in places with a light warm climate.

But if the sun rays are not strong enough, you can use indoor heating to get that effect, it is best to ensure that the sunroom can be used even on cold days.

7.      Never Compromise On Quality

Your sunroom should be weather resistant.

The glass should be hard so that it could withstand weight in case something crashes on it.

The panes should be tightly secured in place.

Add Class To Your Patio

A courtyard that connects the sunroom with the backyard can be a game-changer in the interior design of the home. Spending late hours of the nights under the open sky with the grill in action can create some unforgettable memories. Patios are a great way to connect nature with your home.

Your patio interlinks your solarium with your backyard. It is also attached to the garden, flowerbeds, and trees, making it a simple relaxation spot.

You can make your patio as simple as a block made of concrete and as luxurious as a courtyard of a five-star hotel.

It’s all about the effort and money.

Outdoor spaces have been in heavy demand by potential home buyers, you’ll get your investment back one way or the other!

1.      Consider The Dimensions

Make sure that you dug the right amount of area for the patio. After pouring the gravel in, top it with sand. This will create the base of your patio.

2.      Get Innovative

Go for the flooring of your choice that defines your taste. You can use decorative slabs. Make sure you won’t have any drainage issues because you don’t want to ruin your patio. Use good quality furniture that doesn’t get damaged under harsh weather conditions.

Several companies are making special rust free furniture for the outdoors. Add pillows to make it look comfy.

You can even add LED lights!

There are special lights for outdoors at night you might want to consider them.

3.      Make Your Patio Secure

You can build a wall around your patio to secure it. It will also preserve your privacy, you won’t have to worry about people looking in your patio during your party or relaxing time.

4.      Sketch It All In Your Mind

Before starting the construction make a rough sketch of how you envision your patio to look like. Consider the available space and adjust your design accordingly.

5.      Don’t Overdo Stuff

You need sofas, chairs, and tables for your patio. You may add plants and other stuff as well, but don’t make it cramped. You need a feeling of relaxation, which a crowded place will miserably fail to provide. Keep it minimal yet beautiful.

6.      Don’t Forget Your Backyard

Although the backyard is not a part of the patio, but it is linked to it. You can add a fountain to your yard or a couple of bird feeders. You can go to the water pool as well. Nature will attract birds which will add to the beauty of the patio and the yard.

Not to mention the magical effect of their melodious chirps.

7.      Construction Material

You can make a patio out of pure concrete, or add bricks or stones, or you may color the concrete. Consider paver stones as they are stronger and can withstand quite a lot, even earthquakes, plus they’re pretty easy to install.

You can create the patio of your desired shape from a traditional rectangle and square-shaped patios to semicircular ones as different and uniquely shaped patios have been trending.

The dynamic duo of a solarium and patio can change the whole look of your house and may host some of the most unforgettable memories in your life.

Bottom Line

They are without doubt an amazing addition to any household.

With so many happy outdoor enclosure solutions customers in Calgary we may even have one in your neighborhood!

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