If you enjoy sunny days and outdoor views, you probably know Calgary is the city with the most sunshine in all of Canada. Therefore, solariums are the perfect addition to your home, like Calgary’s Best Sunrooms is the perfect match for building a glass solarium.

What Is a Solarium?

The distinctive trait that sets solariums apart from regular sunrooms is that the structure is made entirely of windows, from top to bottom. That is why they are often called glass solariums.

All solariums share this unique trait, but there are a plethora of options for solarium design. One of them could be ideal for your home. Take as an example an attached greenhouse solarium if you are a plant lover. A deck solarium could help make the most out of your current space. You can also go for a modern solarium, and why not, even a hot tub solarium!

Leaders In The Industry 

Calgary Best Sunrooms is a leading company renowned for its excellence among clients and partners. Our solariums are bespoke and have a distinctive seal which is our high-quality.

Safety of Our Products

A solarium addition is the star of a home. To build it, we use our signature material which is acrylate. This grants our clients many perks combined for a superior finished product. Acrylite makes our solariums equipped with four-season configurations and UV protection. We also pair this material with Santoprene seals for airtight leak-proof condition.

Quality of Our Service

Why is our growing base of customers always satisfied? It is all due to excellent communication. When we work with you, we make sure to share your vision.

You can probably already picture yourself enjoying your solarium rooms. With creativity and ability, we make your vision come to life. It all starts through a thorough consultation. Our solariums, like the rest of our solutions, are always customized. Possibilities are endless with Calgary’s Best Sunrooms. We can’t wait to discuss your project! Contact us today for more information or consultations.

We provide shade and outdoor space solutions with competitive solarium prices and state-of-the-art materials at Calgary’s Best Sunrooms. Get a project estimate by calling us today!

With so many happy outdoor enclosure solutions customers in Calgary we may even have one in your neighborhood!

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