Sunrooms: What’s The Hype About?

Who doesn’t adore a cup of coffee on a sunny Calgary morning?

It’s the perfect recipe to boost your productivity for the day.

You may easily take such things for granted in areas bathed by sunlight, but ask a Canadians once. We cherish every moment under the sun. After drowning in the shade for most of the year, who wouldn’t treasure a couple of hours under the sunlight?

Technology has advanced rapidly over the past decades, and we’ve found an effective way to cherish this sunlight as much as possible in Calgary.

What Is A Sunroom?

Attaching southern-facing windows or areas dedicated to letting in the rays of the sun in a room is not only majestic but also useful. Such rooms are known as sunrooms Calgary . They can be built in several styles and colors and may also have varied functions.

It all depends on what you envision.


These rooms are an additional compartment in your house.

They don’t have any single purpose, these spaces can be used in any number of ways. For instance, you can set them up as a small library or a television room. You may also take the high-road and establish a greenhouse for plants at your place, to help your plants acquire sunlight easily.


There are numerous types of the sunroom, so you’ll have to dig for the one that meets your demands:

Three Season Sunrooms:  These are enclosed with windows. If you have a deck, mounted to the house, then such sunrooms would go over the top. In the winters, they can be used to store tools and stuff. Using them for recreation during winters is not recommended as the glass is not thermal.

Four Season Sunrooms: These can also be used in the winter as the floor is insulated. The glass will also be double-paned with argon gas-filled within. This area can stay heated in winters, so it would be ideal for a greenhouse or maybe even a hot tub if you are thinking of creating a luxurious space.

Solarium: It differs from a sunroom as it is fully made of glass (even the roof!) These rooms can be used as elegant greenhouses or fancy spas for your personal use. The main drawback is that they can’t be used in all seasons.

Conservatories: These transparent rooms are suitable for all four seasons and give an enchanting look. They were invented to house exotic plants from tropical areas to help them flourish in the cold European land. They are relatively warm inside, and some have even used them as giant bird cages.

Screen Room: The screen room is more of a compartment used to enjoy the outdoors without the insects bugging you. They are designed as a sunroom but shaped like a screen all over, they come with a cover to protect you from rain.

How To Design One?

Once you’ve picked up which type of sunroom you want, it’s time to get designing. It should not come as a surprise for anyone that sunrooms often appear on the checklist for every dream-home. Here’s how to get designing it to reflect your inner state perfectly:

1.      Envision

You may envision your sunroom to may any number of things such as a cozy breakfast space, an area for family gatherings, a comfy hangout spot, a mini home office, or a quiet mini library, in either case, the design will vary. Envisioning and deciding what you want is the most important part.

2.      Small Things Matter

The windowed space looks miraculous itself, but it might take some work to make it cozy and welcoming as well. Loading the room with warm blankets, cushions, couches, a couple of handsome but small plants and flower-bushes will bring life to the room.

3.      Colors Speak

Pairing up different colors that complement each other is highly recommended. Hot pink color combined with grey would give a chick feeling. Whereas combining a couple of pastel colors will give a stress-free summer feeling. A bright red color will pop out with black which may sound gothic to some but if you like it, go for it!

4.      Furnishing & Decoration

Lightweight or moveable furniture fits perfectly in sunrooms. If you are going for something heavier, make sure that it has wheels underneath it, to make your seasonal transformations easier.

Placing some herbs or flowering plants will help you improve your mental health. Better still, they will fill up the small spaces perfectly. Your sunroom should not have useless free space.

Adding some cushions will help for large spaces but for smaller spaces, plants like the Devil’s Ivy can help a lot.

5.      Purpose Dictates Design

If you wish to use your sunroom as a breakfast booth, make it informal and cozy. For a reading corner, you can place some books around your comfy hangout zone and other free spaces but be careful not to make it look messy.

In the end, your sunroom’s design will depend on what YOU want, so make the best of it!


At times when the sun is low, those few hours of sunshine in a sunroom can make your day. A sunroom can also help you collect solar hot water and any number of other things. Most of all, it is a personal space that makes you feel bonded with nature, and that is the most precious thing about it.

With so many happy outdoor enclosure solutions customers in Calgary we may even have one in your neighborhood!

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